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Price: 10,000MNT

Since 2003, The National Legal Institute of Mongolia has started to publish a legal peer-reviewed journal “Mongolian Journal of Law” (former name as referred to as “The Law Review”), and a total of 78 series volumes are published since its first edition to the public. The Journal publishes quarterly per one in Mongolian and a special edition in English once a year.

The journal is the property of the Institute and is certified by the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).

The Editorial Board consists of reputable Doctors and Professors in the field of law and representatives of the court, prosecutor’s office, and advocates. The published works can be earned for those studying to obtain law degrees as an academic credit score for the LL.M. and LL.D. programs of the law schools and universities or Training of the Mongolian Bar Association.

Proposal and Manuscript Submission Due

Proposal Due: January 1 – November 1
Editorial screening and double-blind peer-review: November 1 – December 1
Final Manuscript Due: December 1 – December 10.

Editor-in-Chief: Kh.Erdem-Undrakh Dr.jur., Director, The National Legal Institute of Mongolia, Honorary Assoc. Prof., National University of Mongolia

Executive Editor-in-Chief: S.Sukhbaatar LL.D., Academic Secretary, The National Legal Institute of Mongolia

Associate Editor: A.Namuunaa Researcher, The National Legal Institute of Mongolia

Editorial Board:
S.Narangerel Sc.D., Member of the Academy of Sciences, Emeritus Professor, National University of Mongolia
Ts.Sarantuya Prof. Sc.D., Hanns-Seidel Stiftung der Mongolei
D.Zumberellkham Prof. Ph.D., Member of the Civil Service Council of Mongolia

Sarpekov R.K. Director of the Institute of Legislation and Legal Information of The Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of The Republic of Kazakhstan
Anna Tumurova
 Prof. Ph.D., the Department of Theory and History of Law, Buryat State University, Russian Federation
Park Jeon Wong Prof. Ph.D., Dean, College of Law & Graduate School of Legal Affairs, Kookmin University, South Korea
Tom Ginsburg Prof. Ph.D., The University of Chicago, USA
J.Erkheskhulan Assoc. Prof. Ph.D., Director of the Legal Clinic, School of Law, National University of Mongolia
D.Sunjid Assoc. Prof. Dr.jur., National Academy of Governance, Member of the NHRC, Mongolia
Masaki Nakamura Assoc. Prof. Ph.D., Faculty of Business Administration, Nagoya University of Economics, Japan
Ts.Tsogt LL.D., Justice of the Supreme Court Mongolia, Honorary Assoc. Prof., School of Law, National University of Mongolia
M.Uyanga Assoc. Prof. Ph.D., Academic Secretary, School of Law, National University of Mongolia
B.Ulaanbaatar Assoc. Prof. Ph.D., Head of the Private Law Department, School of Law, National University of Mongolia

Ts.Davkharbayar Assoc. Prof. Ph.D., Private Law Department, School of Law, National University of Mongolia


    1. Title of the work, author’s name, academic degree, title, and the position shall be in Mongolian and English;
    2. Author’s photo (at least 300 resolution, dpi, .jpg, .psd extensions), e-mail, and contact phone number must be attached;
    3. The main text should be Times New Roman, 11 pt, line spacing 1 (single); Quotes and footnotes should be Times New Roman, 10 pt, line spacing 1 (single) and submit with .docx;
    4. The work must not have been previously published in foreign and domestic journals;
    5. No copyright infringement in terms of content;
    6. Quotations and footnotes should be marked under the standard, without copyright infringement or inappropriate language;

If the work submitted for publication does not meet the above requirements, the magazine’s editorial board will refuse to accept it.

Article Processing Charge for Authors: 50 000MNT

Please make submissions and address questions to:

Associate Editor of the Mongolian Journal of Law


Phone: +976-11-323833, +976-88098847