Organizational Structure

Academic Council

The Academic Council is vested with the authority to discuss and decide upon functions of the National Legal Institute research, information and promotion, to evaluate and review implementation reports, to advise as requested and to approve research themes and institutional programs.
The Academic Council of National Legal Institute consists of all 9 members of the Academic Council Professoriate:

Chairman of the Academic Council

State Honored Scientist, Academician, J.S.D., Professor Sodovsuren NARANGEREL 

Academic Secretary



  • State Honored Lawyer, J.S.D., Professor Tserenbaltav SARANTUYA
  • State Honored Lawyer, J.S.D. Danzan LUNDEEJANTSAN 
  • LL.D., Professor Baldan URANTSETSEG 
  • Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, LL.D. Dugar SUNJID 
  • Director of the National Legal Institute of Mongolia, LL.D. Khurelbaatar ERDEM-UNDRAKH 
  • Director of School of Law, Otgontenger University, LL.D. Dash ERDENECHIMEG
  • LL.D. Enkhee BATBAYAR