Director’s Message

Welcome to the website of the National Legal Institute of Mongolia (NLI).
Since its establishment under Government Resolution No. 121 of 2002, the NLI has been conducting research aimed at scientifically improving Mongolian legislation, disseminating legal information throughout the country, and organizing discussions on law draft. We are cooperating with the State Great Hural (Mongolian Parliament), the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, and other organizations to reflect the views of citizens and researchers.
The NLI is affiliated with the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia. The responsibility of the Institute is to provide legal training, information and researches as well as the implementer of the National Program on Improving General Public Legal Education approved by the Government of Mongolia.
The NLI is dedicated to researching the development of the scientific base of the state legal policy. We provide studies on common legal issues, support the development of draft legislation, and provide theoretical and methodological assistance. In 2016, we focused on the results of legal reform and future issues and gave suggestions and recommendations developed on some issues considered in defining a national policy to deepen legal reform based on the needs and requirements of Mongolia.
Since 2018, we have trained about 1200 guides who are responsible for providing essential legal information and advice throughout the country for the improvement of public legal education. In the coming year, we intended to retrain them. Besides, we have developed website since 2018 and given minor groups including persons with disabilities optional legal training. In the next year, we planned to conduct such training for citizens who live in remote areas, students, and suburban. Due to extending legal information accessibility, we have introduced some information channels such as a hotline, social media, chatbot, and short message service.
To increase in expansion of the scope of academic research, training, information and promotion, the NLI collaborates with the international legal research networking community.
Your support and encouragement will be highly appreciated and your proposal on cooperation with us is always welcomed. Thank you.

Director of the National Legal Institute of Mongolia
Dr. Khurelbaatar ERDEM-UNDRAKH