The 24 th session of the INFOTERM General Assembly of State Parties of UNESCO

  • 2023-06-05
  • Batzorig
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The 24 th session of the International Centre for Terminology (INFOTERM) General Assembly of State Parties of UNESCO was held virtual meeting on 31 May 2023 and discussed about the audited financial report, organizational performance, and operational  lan for 2023.

The Infoterm was founded in 1971 by UNESCO with the objective to support and co-ordinate international co-operation in the field of terminology. Members of the Infoterm Executive Board and representatives of Mongolia, Germany, South Korea, Austria, Argentina, Poland, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Iran, Georgia, and Lithuania participated in the conference. Director of the National Legal Institute of Mongolia(NLI), Kh.Erdem-Undrakh(Dr.Jur.) and Director of the Institute of Language and Literature of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences N.Munkhtsetseg(Ph.D) attended.

The NLI officially became a member of the INFOTERM in 2022. Director of the NLI, Kh.Erdem-Undrakh(Dr.Jur.) introduced the establishment of the NLI’s Legal Language Council as a result of the Law on Legislation being amended on 4 May 2023, the operation and development of the Integrated Legal Information System website, conferences that are being held to discuss the history and evolution of legal terms.